A Jam Sponge is a reusable alternative to disposables.
It’s a healthier way to soak up the blood and it will save you £££!

Don’t beat around the bush

About www.jamsponge.co.uk

In August 2009 Jam Sponge was taken over by Rachael Crow who ran Moon Times , Jam Sponge was originated by Lisa Cole, a mum who lives in Bristol, UK. On her 4th week of bleeding following treatment for dodgy cells on her cervix she started to think of alternatives to potentially carcinogenic tampons. Sponges have been around for donkeys years, are softer than cups and looked like they were worth a try. She loved them so much she decided to sell them so that other people could have as much fun. After 6 weeks of bleeding she was grumpy, tired and bored of talk of moons and goddesses so she decided to sell them in a different way and the Jam Sponge was born. She is indebted to Jasper for the Jam Sponge name and the phrase – no strings attached.

In case you are interested, Lisa was cleared of dodgy cervix cells.

Lisa Cole runs www.nakedwebsite.co.uk.