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Dear Aunt Flo,
I have severe fibroids that the Drs say require removing by hysterectomy, I’ve suffered heavy periods for so long, I’m fed up, but having my womb removed feels drastic? Any tips?
thanks, Susan

Hi Susan, firstly I wonder how old you are? Often fibroids can shrink themselves after menopause, since you mention still bleeding I’ll presume you’re not quite at that stage yet!

So there are many different views on fibroids, but I like to come at things from all sides- physical, emotional, spiritual, mental…so first lets look at the physical.

Fibroids are caused by excess of oestrogen, so we need to support the liver in dealing with the hormones and look at balancing the body…

Reduce fibroids by reducing your exposure to oestrogen: avoid birth control pills, ERT/HRT, oestrogen-mimicing residues from herbicides and pesticides used on food crops (eat organically- raised products). Tampons that are bleached with chlorine may mimic the bad effects of oestrogen, too.

Liver packs and womb packs would be my first go to…soothing the womb, supporting the firboids to shrink and supporting the liver to detoxify. See this info on womb and liver packs. Using castor oil brings light into the body and is very relaxing and soothing.

Yoni Steams are WONDERFUL- check out this blog all about them!

Womb Massage- unless fibroids are edunculated, on stalks, these are contraindicated for massage, there are many practitioners out there. You can also do self massage.

Foods wise, it’s the usual stuff- alcohol has to GO! It is strongly linked to fibroids and impares the livers ability to deal with oestrogen. Cut out dairy, eggs, caffiene, processed foods, sugar (switch to healthy sugars- honey or agave- both in moderation), eat very little meat (if you eat meat be sure its organic to avoid mass produced hormone fed meat), add in more organic foods- leafy greens, juices, smoothies, blueberries, seaweeds, salads, whole grains and legumes….

Supplements that may help- iodine- Lugols goes on the skin (I even add this to a vaginal douche now and again!) you can put it directly over the womb and massage it in, KC iodine is taken internally, both are needed. I get mine from Bronze Age Nutrition.
Strengthening the liver with herbs such as dandelion, milk thistle seed, or yellow dock root helps it metabolise oestrogen out of the body, thus reducing fibroids.
Vitex or chasteberry tincture, 25-30 drops two to four times daily, often shrinks small fibroids within two months. But results come from long-term use — up to two years.

vitamin E, plus B vitamins are a womens super supplements and DIM is a popluar supplement for hormone regulating- both avalable from Cytoplan- but I would recommend taking these under the guidance of a nutritionist.

Gut bacteria, add in good quality probiotics- Cytoplan are a good company or go for Optibac for women, add coconut yogurt, saurkrauts, Kombucha, Kefir to your diet.
Maintain a healthy body weight,if you’re overweight your body will make more oestrogen.

Avoid all the chemicals that disrupt the hormones- foods and drinks in plastics, use natural cleaning products, detox your home.

Calm your system, so look where life is stressful, are there things you can cut out, delegate, hand over….let go?
Add in self care techniques- the womb packs, meditation (here are some freebies , and some for sale), yoga, walks in nature, connect to the earth, connect more deeply to your womb….write a list of what feeds your soul- do at least 1 thing each day!

Exercise can help, see how it feels, maybe start gentle with qigong, yoga, swimming, walks in nature.

On an energy level– Fibroids represent on some level holding on to hurts and regrets that stop you from moving forward, secret feelings of resentment, dissapointments and failure. Have you felt disempowered as a woman? Vicitimised and perhaps forced to do things agaisnt your will? Do you have unfulfilled dreams, have you allowed doubs to limit your life? Is there an unfulfilled life awaiting you? Creative ideas that haven’t birthed? Pouring energy into projects, jobs, relationships that have been a dead end?

This is a time to work with the lower energy centres, release anger -throw things- safely, go somewhere and yell, get it OUT! Visualise your lower energy centres, your womb full of healing light, connect your roots to the earth, let whatever feels stuck to flow down your roots to the earth to compost.
Ask someone to burn moxa over the area of the fibroid while you envision the heat releasing the treasures in your uterus. What is locked up in this fibroid? What can you give birth to?

Affirm… I release the pattern in me that attracted this experience, I create only good in my life. I rejoice in my femaleness, I love being a woman, I love my body.

Mental Thoughts, can you believe that your body can heal this? Can you work with turning any negative toughts around? Can you love your body, including the fibroids- for they are part of you that need loving as well. Forgiveness, self love,and stepping out of any past hurts will be needed. Do you need to turn around your thoughs regarding your periods? Have they been a “curse”? Pehaps take this Love Your Period course?

Whatever route you choose, remember, with very few exceptions, no woman is healthier without her ovaries. So, even if you elect a hysterectomy, keep your ovaries!

Also check out the Medical Medium…he has lots of info on foods and further reading in his books.

Much love and HEALING to you

 Aunt Flo xxx

Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals, I would recommend a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, auvedic practitioner or acupuncturist …but go with what resonates for you.
By reading this guide, you agree that my company and myself are not responsible for your health or the health of your dependents.

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