Ask Aunt Flo- How to Ease Flooding!!

Flooding is one of the biggest issues women are coming to me with – from young women just starting their periods, through to women who have just ‘put up with it’ for years, to women in perimenopause who have just begun to experience it. The medical term for excessive bleeding is menorrhagia.

So I want to remind you all, that any sign of imbalance- whether flooding, pain, hormonal migraines, backache, cramps ….are all signs something is not right.
Periods can be and should be without pain, light and manageable!

The first thing I say to women is – Do you rest? Especially the day before and the first couple of days of bleeding? If not, can you find ways too? Are there things you can say no to, cancel, let go of, just for these few days in the month? Can you ask someone else to cook, can you have a long relaxing bath after work, can you have a red bed/work from home day? What ways can you weave rest into your moontime?

The next question is are you giving too much of yourself away? Energetically flooding can be a sign that you’re leaking energy- as well as blood! Often women I’m seeing are running around like headless chickens, supporting their families, clients, work colleagues, friends…leaving nothing for themselves. If you’re experiencing flooding then your body is giving you a clear message to slow down. (Or better still- STOP!) Flooding can sometimes come as a sign of “insecurity” – women who are travelling, living in insecure homes (squats, short rents, staying with friends), women who work in the travel industry like air hostesses, bus drivers, taxi drivers, also those on shift work that always changes – no routine. Flooding is calling you to your inner home, inside, calling for stability and routine.

On a physical level, up your leafy greens and iron intake, most women who are menstruating need to be taking extra iron. If you’re flooding, even more so!

If your flooding has been going on for a long time, then some tests with your GP maybe needed, get them to test your thyroid and scan for fibroids and endometriosis, just to rule these out. Perhaps ask about a hormone test too.

Other things you can do to support yourselfcleansing the liver regularly and cutting back on certain foods, caffeine, sugar and alcohol all prevent the liver from dealing with our hormones as its so busy processing the caffeine, sugar and alcohol! This can create hormone imbalances.

Support your gut health with probiotics and fermented foods, take turmeric and foods rich in phytoestrogens such as nuts, seeds (esp flax seeds), wholegrain and legumes.
Cut out/back on dairy. If that’s really hard switch to goat or sheep dairy.
Exercise, even if its a yoga class, move your body!
De-stress– what can you do to relax more? Right now think of something you can do today to help you relax!
Try a womb massage- womb massage an work wonders for so many period problems! I trained with Clare Blake and she lists her practitioners here.

Sometimes we need to make big changes in our lives to bring in balance to our bodies.

Check out these On Line courses, healings and visualisations and for more womb connection, advice and info see this online teaching-  Love Your Period.

Much love, Aunt Flo xxx

Disclaimer: Any health advice that I give is my opinion based on my general professional experience but not your specific case. As such, you should always seek the advice of your own health professionals, I would recommend a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, auvedic practitioner or acupuncturist …but go with what resonates for you.
By reading this guide, you agree that my company and myself are not responsible for your health or the health of your dependents.

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