Ask Aunt Flo…tampons for young women?

Dear Aunt Flo

I’d like your advice on tampons! My daughter hasn’t started her periods yet, but she does love to swim and dance so she will need to use something like a tampon for those times. What would you recommend? I am rather concerned about TSS.

Thanks, Rachel, Pembrokeshire

Hi Rachel, thanks for your question, it’s one I get asked a lot!

Its a tricky one as I like to encourage women to take gentle exercise when they are on their moontime- but I’m not a huge lover of using internals like tampons unless really necessary. I would suggest that at least for her first 6 months of flowing she stick to pads, just to give her and her body time to adjust to having her moontime, and see how she copes with it. Its only a few days out of the month so hopefully she wont mind missing swimming on those occasions. A bit of fun dancing is fine in a pad – she could have a go at home to see how it feels to dance and flow!

Encourage her to tune into her body and see if she really feels like swimming or dancing at that time. Being kind to her self is whats needed- so maybe introduce her to yoga or take her for a stroll under the moonlight?

When she does feel the need for using something like tampons, maybe show her some menstrual Sponges (you can get small sizes, ideal for young women) or one of the many menstrual cups that are on the market? There are no known cases of TSS from sponges or cups 🙂

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I am proud to say that my eldest (now 25 yr old) daughter has never used a tampon or even a sponge or cup, she just hasn’t had a need to use them even though she is fairly active, cycling about the city and doing Bikram Yoga!

You might like to read this Menarche book with her, it’s a workbook for mums and daughters, with lots of info on celebrating her first Moontime, whats going on in her body, choices in sanitary wear and lost more! Hope this helps, love Aunt Flo xxx


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