Have you got attitude?

The Jam Sponge range comes in different sizes and we even have Jam Rags!

“I really like my Jam Sponge. I’ve worn swimming very successfully. I’ve also worn overnight on a very heavy night and was pleased they didn’t leak at all. I find them very comfortable. To get them comfortable its best to wash in warm water and squeeze out- makes them the more soft and easy to insert.” H

Jam Sponge Kit

Or what about Jam Rags, use by themselves or alongside the Jam Sponge, these funky black and red cloth pads come with a variety of liners to mix and match to suit your flow.

jam rags tub

We like to make your shopping nice and simple so if you want Jam Sponge and some Panty Liner Jam Rags then you can buy them as a kit!

Jam Sponge is available in different sizes, small for light flow, younger women or pre-birth and large for heavy flow, prolapses and after childbirth.

If your confident about using sponges why not stock up with our triple pack, triple the attitude!

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