Introducing a Golden Opportunity: Acquire Your Very Own Menstrual Sponge Business!

This business includes over £1.5k of stock, plus website, instagram, FB page.

Offers in the region of £3.5k considered.

REDUCED to £2K for fast sale- before […]

Why Does Mummy Bleed?

Why Does Mummy Bleed?- Words by Rachael Crow and images by Stephanie Green of Dauntless Daughters.

A beautifully illustrated book aimed at children, age 2 upwards, to explain about why mummy has periods and how they can support mummy with her cycle.

Introducing cycle awareness, self care in a gentle story and picture book.

Buy […]

Menarche- A Journey into Womanhood

A mums and girls guide to celebrating her first period; includes menarche (first period) stories, the connection to the moon, understanding your cycle, menstrual tips, suggested books and poems.

Menarche – A Journey into Womanhood by Rachael Crow (previously Hertogs).

Buy here.

Starting your period is a natural process however; initially it can be a […]

Moon Dial for you to download

Using a Moon Dial / Menstrual Mandala

When you begin your next period, find out what phase the moon is in, write the date against this bit of the moon and make a few notes about how your feeling, or dreaming or bleeding you may want to use different colours for different moods – […]

Ask Aunt Flo- How to Ease Flooding!!

Flooding is one of the biggest issues women are coming to me with – from young women just starting their periods, through to women who have just ‘put up with it’ for years, to women in perimenopause who have just begun to experience it. The medical term for excessive bleeding is menorrhagia.

So […]

Cervical care, womb packs, yoni steams and womb massage

So how do we “care” for our cervix when she is so tucked away and invisible…? Here I share what I do for my cervical care!

First, Womb Packs. Ever since reading Alexandra Popes Wild Genie book, I’ve been doing castor oil packs on my womb…they are so soothing, they ease cramps and generally help […]

Celebrating and Honouring our Last Blood…..the threshold of Moon Pause

As we navigate the Moon Pause Threshold, we may be wondering how we can celebrate and honour ourselves as we come to this passage in our lives. Obviously one sticking point is that we can never really know which moon blood will be our final one!

So what I suggest to many women is to […]

Ask Aunt Flo- how do we balance our hormones naturally?

My top tips for hormone balancing…whether you’re in perimenopause or generally out of balance- these tips will help support coming into balance….hormone imbalance can effect us in so many ways….


* digestion challenges (bloat, constipation, etc)

* PMS or PMDD * Infertility * PCOS

* difficulty gaining muscle or losing weight

* breast implant […]

Dark Moon Rituals

Dark Moon Rituals

Traditionally the dark moon is a time to retreat inwards and if our period co-insides with the dark moon we may feel its a little easier to pull away from everyday tasks, take some quiet time and create a beautiful ritual for yourself, or to share with others.

But why […]

Sponges for Contraception??

Following on from my Natural Contraception post:

I get asked all the time, “if I come off the Pill (remove my implant, IUD, stop my injections) what should I use?”

Of course, until your cycle regulates once more (which for some women can be as little as 4 weeks, for others over 1 year) then […]