Sponges for Contraception??

Following on from my Natural Contraception post:

I get asked all the time, “if I come off the Pill (remove my implant, IUD, stop my injections) what should I use?”

Of course, until your cycle regulates once more (which for some women can be as little as 4 weeks, for others over 1 year) then […]

So how do you use and wash a Jam Sponge??

So many folk ask…how exactly does a Jam Sponge work?

You simply squash it into your vagina and it soaks up the blood!! Like a conventional tampon, a Jam Sponge is not sterile so it is important that you keep it and your hands clean before you use it.

Clean your hands you minger! Using […]

Ask Aunt Flo…tampons for young women?

Dear Aunt Flo

I’d like your advice on tampons! My daughter hasn’t started her periods yet, but she does love to swim and dance so she will need to use something like a tampon for those times. What would you recommend? I am rather concerned about TSS.

Thanks, Rachel, Pembrokeshire

Hi Rachel, thanks for your […]

Tampons, what’s the alternative?

So you like the convenience of tampons over pads, but you don’t like the chemicals? So what’s the alternative? Well, actually there are three alternatives so there is bound to be something that will work for you.

Menstrual Sponge

Menstrual sponges are natural sea sponges that can be inserted just like a tampon. Women have […]

Sponges are NOTHING new!

Jam Sponge alternative to tampons

Jam Sponges are the environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to ‘disposables’!

Jam Sponges are natural (unbleached) sea sponge.

Women have used sponges for thousands of years! (for more info on sponges and how the Egyptians were using them in 1550 see the Museum of Menstruation!)


Rachael’s video on Sponges –

To buy […]

What’s in a name?

I like to think of Jam Sponges and Jam Rags as the menstrual equivalent of Marmite- you either love them or hate them! But the proof is in the pudding as they say, because Jam Sponges outsell Moon Sponges and our black and red Jam Rags are really popular- so loads of women must love […]

Have you got attitude?

Jam Sponge Kit

The Jam Sponge range comes in different sizes and we even have Jam Rags!

“I really like my Jam Sponge. I’ve worn swimming very successfully. I’ve also worn overnight on a very heavy night and was pleased they didn’t leak at all. I find them very comfortable. To get them comfortable its best to wash […]