Celebrating and Honouring our Last Blood…..the threshold of Moon Pause

As we navigate the Moon Pause Threshold, we may be wondering how we can celebrate and honour ourselves as we come to this passage in our lives.

Obviously one sticking point is that we can never really know which moon blood will be our final one!

So what I suggest to many women is to start dreaming into what that ceremony or honouring might be for them and to begin honouring each moon blood as if it may be their last.

How can we honour our blood? some suggestions..
Touch your blood- Our sacred moon blood is the blood of life, it’s rich in stem cells and life force! When you consciously touch your blood, feel its texture, drop into its energy, we are changed at our very core. We are challenging years and years of shame, of taboo, of persecution!
When we can be completely comfortable touching our menstrual blood then we have broken the etheric cords of shame all women are bound by, and as each woman breaks these cords, we are freeing other women to do the same. There us power in unity sisters!
Whether you touch it out of curiosity, or to wash out your sponges/pads/cup or to consciously anoint yourself with your blood, the very action of touching what many women have been taught is dirty, we are taking back our power, empowering others and changing our culture that tells us to not mention it, keep it hidden, keep it secret, and heaven forbid, don’t touch it! Touch your blood….FEEL THE POWER!!

Meditate with your blood– place a drop of blood on your 3rd eye, heart and womb centres, meditate and feel the power of your blood on your body.

Feed a plant with your blood– either water your garden with your moon blood (if you use a sponge/ cup you can dilute the blood with water, or if you use cloth pads, use the water from soaking them) or buy a special plant that you
want to have as your moon plant (or it could be a tree!) and water it with some blood each moth. If you choose something edible you will be imbuing it with goddess power! Feed your family with it.

Paint with your blood- I have created peices of art and painted my drum with my moon blood.

Go on a retreat or a vision quest
holding your moon pause journey as your focus, ask women friends towelcome you back from it with a fire and ceremony.

prayers carried on the smoke

Create an out door altar/choose a tree to be your Moon Tree– if you have a garden you could make an altar dedicated to your cycle, place items that represent each phase, or keep it simple and just have a vessel for your blood and a candle! Or as with the watering idea you could choose a Moon Tree to bless with your blood each month and hang offerings or make an altar at its roots.

Make a Menstual Staff of Power!

Make a Moon Pause Belt– this is a video from my Broken Basket Woman online teaching which you can join here.

When you feel ready…perhaps after 13 moons have passed with no moon blood, gather the women to honour and celebrate you! Let them paint you with ochre, sing to you, drum for you, dance with you, eat cake!!

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