Dark Moon Rituals

Dark Moon Rituals

Traditionally the dark moon is a time to retreat inwards and if our period co-insides with the dark moon we may feel its a little easier to pull away from everyday tasks, take some quiet time and create a beautiful ritual for yourself, or to share with others.

But why does this happen? What influence is the moon having on us?

We know that when the moon is dark the earths ions become negatively charged (same as after a storm or when you are near the sea) these negative ions help us feel calmer and give a sense of psychological and physical well being. They also create the perfect opportunity for physical release- whether it’s our moontime or by doing a detox, the days over the dark moon are the optimal time for cleansing.

So here are some suggestions for Dark and New Moon rituals-

* If you are bleeding, this is a powerful letting go time, you can start with a womb cleanse visualisation , intentionally let go with your blood of anything in your body you want to release, consciously pouring your moonblood on to the earth with reverence and asking our Earth Mother to transform it.

*Use your Moon blood to offer your creations to the Earth….Visualising your creations from the month- whatever they are, going into the depths of the Earth to become even bigger and better versions than you could possibly imagine!

*Light a fire and let go of all that’s no longer serving you into the fire- throw in seeds, flower petals or amber powder for dramatic effect! This one works really well in a group or as a Red Tent activity.

*If you are not bleeding at this time, but want to connect with your womb to let go, try this pelvic fire bowl visualisation

* Set your intentions/goals/wishes for the next month- either though using a Moon Cheque or perhaps using a jar and writing them on bits of paper to keep in the jar. Burn on the next dark moon, and then write more! We do moon cheques each month in our Red Tent.

*Do a cleanse- 3 days is a perfect amount if time! Choose anything from a gentle cleanse, a full juice cleanse, a water fast…..you can include a womb and liver pack and enema- or not!

*Cleanse your home, this is the best time to have a clear out, clean your altar items with some smuge, and just generally tidy up! Done with intention it will bring in new energy to your home!

*Sing, Drum, Chant!

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