The Jam Sponge has attitude!

It’s a natural reusable Sea Sponge – a healthier way to soak up the blood and it will save you £££’s!

Don’t beat about the bush!

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History of Menstruation

Museum of Menstruation and Women’s Health
Incredible site with loads of information and pictures of the history of menstural pads, sponges and more.

Walt Disney’s The Story Of Menstruation (1946)

Molly Grows Up – 1953 Menstruation Film

Menstruation and Health Links

Tampon Alert
A charity that exposes the dangers of Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Tampons: cause for concern?
Informative article by Kate Witherspoon about the dangers of traditional tampons.

Tampon Crafts
Great ideas for things to make with all those leftover tampons you won’t need if you have a Jam Sponge!

Other San Pro

Eco friendly cloth menstrual pads, Moon Sponges, Jam Sponges and Cups!

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