Make yourself your menstrual staff of wisdom!

In her book, 4 Seasons in 4 Weeks, Suzanne Mathis McQueen talks about tribal wise women holding staffs decorated with their menstrual rags – showing the power in all the years they have cycled and the wisdom of their blood.

This inspired me to begin making my own Staff of rags- I decided each month on my Moontime retreat I would add to my staff, spending time choosing coloured strips of fabric, adding prayers and blessings as well as some of my menses on to each ‘rag’.

When I calculated the amount of moontimes I have had over my life – minus the months during pregnancies and breastfeeding, I had over 300 strips that needed to be added! So my staff is a work in progress- and will be added to into my menopause!

I shared my staff in the Red Tent and the women loved the idea and decided this must be shared with the girls in our Women and Girls Lodge, giving the girls the chance to create their Staffs from their Menarche.

Watch my video from my online moon pause 101 course- Broken Basket Woman.

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