Moon Dial for you to download

Using a Moon Dial / Menstrual Mandala

When you begin your next period, find out what phase the moon is in, write the date against this bit of the moon and make a few notes about how your feeling, or dreaming or bleeding you may want to use different colours for different moods – try to do this for a few months and notice if there’s a pattern.

Some questions you could ask yourself- do I want to be alone? Am I letting go of anything? How am I dressing? Do I feel attractive? Do I feel more sensitive to some things? Does my intuition feel stronger than usual? (see moon dial associations on the PDF download for more ideas)

If you count day 1 as the frst day of your period you should notice that around day 14 you will be ovulating- should notice a sticky patch in your knickers! I know I usually feel crappy, crabby, bloated and spotty the day before my period- it’d reassuring to know that its only cos I’m premenstrual! As soon as I begin to bleed I feel fne! Phew!

Click here for your Jam Sponge Moon Dial


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