Sponges for Contraception??

Following on from my Natural Contraception post:

I get asked all the time, “if I come off the Pill (remove my implant, IUD, stop my injections) what should I use?”

Of course, until your cycle regulates once more (which for some women can be as little as 4 weeks, for others over 1 year) then you definately need to use a reliable form of contraception. If you arent in a long term relationship- then you need to think about protection from STDs too.

My recommendations would be; condoms, the diaphragm or the honey cap.

Here is another contraceptive method you may have heard of…a sponge!

You can use Sponge Tampons during intercourse!!  A sponge tampon feels similar to the vaginal wall, so if your partner notices the sponge, it wont be of any discomfort. Of course you will need to remove your sponge afterwards and clean it thoroughly.

Your sponge may be higher in the vaginal canal after sex, so if you cant reach your sponge dont worry; when you relax it will come down naturally. If you have problems getting it out then try relaxing your muscles, squatting, or sitting in a warm bath.

Some women use their Sponges with a natural spermicide. (see this post on Sister Zeus for info on natural sperm killers)

“I used to use a sponge for sexy days on my period. I can honestly say it opened up a whole new world sexually, as I always avoided sex during my (very heavy) flow before, but then was able to enjoy a whole different quality of intimacy at this most holy of times of the cycle” V- a Jam Sponge customer

Please note that I cannot not guarantee Sponge Tampons and natural spermicide as a method of contraception.  Always use natural contraceptives along side cycle charting and know when your fertile days are. If you are seriously wishing to avoid pregnancy then always use barrier method along side any natural spermicides. Soak the sponge in the natural spermicide. It’s recommended to leave the sponge inside of your vagina for at least 6 hours after you have finished having intercourse, but no more than a total of 30 hours.


Homemade Spermicide Recipe
20 ml pure Aloe Vera
4 drops lemon juice
Mix well and store in the fridge for up to two weeks. Yields about 4 uses.

Lemon Honey Cornstarch Recipe
14 drops Lemon Juice
1 tsp cornstarch
Mix with a bit of honey

Lactic Acid Gel
Lactic acid gel has a neutral smell & natural sensation and keeps for about 5 months if kept in an airtight container. This recipe should make approximately 100g of gel:

8 grams Amylum Tritici (wheat starch)
11 g Aqua purificata (distilled water)
3.5 g Acidum lacticum (lactic acid)
76 g Glycerinum (85%)
4 g Tragacanta albissim; pulverized
10 g Spiritus (90%)

Allow 8g wheat starch to soak for a least 15 minutes in 11g distilled water in which 1g lactic acid has been dissolved. Stir several times. Afterwards, add 76g Glycerinum and mix well. In a different receptacle, mix 4g Tragacantha with 10g Spiritus, stir thoroughly and add this mixture to the first mixture. Then heat the combined mixture in a boiling bain-marie and stir continuously until all the alcohol has vaporised completely (check by smelling) and the gel has thickened and become viscous (approximately 20-40 minutes). During this process and at the end, add water several times to supplement the vaporized share to make 100g.

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