Tampons, what’s the alternative?

So you like the convenience of tampons over pads, but you don’t like the chemicals?  So what’s the alternative? Well, actually there are three alternatives so there is bound to be something that will work for you.

Menstrual Sponge

Menstrual sponges are natural sea sponges that can be inserted just like a tampon.  Women have been using sea sponges in this way for thousands of years! Sustainably harvested, a sponge should last you for for around a year, making this a very affordable tampon alternative. They come in different sizes, including one suitable for women with a prolapse.  Easy to manage, just remove, rinse and re-insert! Did you know you can even use them as a contraceptive?


Jam Sponge alternative to tamponsCloth Tampons

Exactly what they sound like.  They look like a disposable tampon but  are made from a cotton or cotton/bamboo mix. Insert in the same way as a regular tampon, though they do feel a little different. Simply replace as required and wash following the instructions.

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Menstrual Cups

I think most women have at least heard about menstrual cups these days and they are a great long term option in re-usable menstrual products. There are loads of brands out there, at Moon Times we currently stock four as discussed below. Worn internally, the cup captures your blood which you then simply empty into the toilet. They don’t require a lot of cleaning, simply rinse and re-insert (if using a public toilet then wipe with tissue till you get home). A menstrual cup can last up to 10 years, very economical!

Moon Times Mooncups

Mooncup – The Mooncup is made from soft silicone rubber and is available in two sizes. Size A is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally and/or are over 30 years old. Size B is recommended for women who haven’t given birth and are younger than 30.

Diva Cup – The Diva Cup is the only menstrual cup to have approval in Canada and like others comes in two sizes. Model 1 is for those women under 30 who haven’t had babies and Model 2 is for those over 30 and who have given birth.

Lunette – The Lunette is made in Finland, from medical grade silicone rubber and each cup comes with a satin storage bag. Model 1 is recommended for younger women or those with a lighter flow.  Model 2 is recommended for those with a heavier flow.

Ruby Cup – Ruby Cup is an award winning Danish made menstrual cup that retails as a ‘one size fits all’ cup. Ruby Cup donate a cup to a girl in Kenya for each one sold.

Moon Times Ruby Cups

Many of the women in our Ask Aunt Flo Facebook group have used one or more of these items, or tried different brands of menstrual cup.  Why not come and join us for a confidential chat in a safe space.

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