What’s in a name?

I like to think of Jam Sponges and Jam Rags as the menstrual equivalent of Marmite- you either love them or hate them! But the proof is in the pudding as they say, because Jam Sponges outsell Moon Sponges and our black and red Jam Rags are really popular- so loads of women must love them!



Whats the difference between a Jam Sponge and a Moon Sponge I hear you say…well TBH, just the packaging! The sponges are the same ethically sourced mediterranean sponges- unbleached so no nasty chemicals to mess with the natural PH of your vagina.

for my video and  LOADS more info about sponges on my earlier post- Sponges are Nothing New

what about Jam Rags? 

Well Jam Rags came out of the Jam Sponge phenomenon! Before Moon Times took over Jam Sponge we wholesaled them to sell along side the Moon Sponges and the Jam Sponge owners asked us if we had any red and black pads to sell along side thier Sponges- so Jam Rags where born!

jam rags


These again are one of our most popular pads! Many years ago when we were doing our market research into what kind of Cloth pads women wanted- the outstanding response was “ones that match our knickers” and it seemed the majority of women wore black or red knickers! (this was back in the 90’s…things may have changed- possibly time for more market research!)

We also have Jam Rag panty liners that come in a pack along with your Jam Sponge!

So let us know…Jam Sponges and Jam Rags- LOVE or HATE??

For all our Jammy offerings- take a look at our Jam Sponges and Jam Rags section.


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