Why Does Mummy Bleed?

Why Does Mummy Bleed?- Words by Rachael Crow  and images by Stephanie Green of Dauntless Daughters.

A beautifully illustrated book aimed at children, age 2 upwards, to explain about why mummy has periods and how they can support mummy with her cycle.

Introducing cycle awareness, self care in a gentle story and picture book.

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From the back page:

Why Does Mummy Bleed? is one of those important books that every Mum needs for her children. Let’s change the conversation we have around our cycles. Women around the world bleed each month and yet many never talk to their children about why, how to help or even what’s happening. Imagine if we could, not only talk, but talk positively about our periods. Stephanie and Rachael have come together in a wonderfully gentle collaboration to explain and explore why mummy bleeds.

We believe that images are powerful. The things our children see everyday, the items they wear, the books they read, the little messages and the big signs all build their sense of self.

So shouldn’t we take care to make sure what they see is brave, diverse, joy-filled?

“The flowing words are strong and clear like a song, I could almost hear the lilting voices, rising and falling. The incredibly beautiful art portrays the mystery with an accuracy known to bleeding women. This is our mystery.”

Words by Rachael Crow  and images by Stephanie Green of Dauntless Daughters.

Review from Adeola Sheehy

My youngest is now 3 and as all small people are, she is full of curiosity and endless questions. I look fondly into the distant future to a time when I can close the toilet door knowing it won’t reopen the moment I sit, but I am resigned to life as it is right now. With sharing every moment, the inevitable questions come, and she and I have brought out my favourite book on menstruation for the youngest of us.

Why Does Mummy Bleed? Written by Rachael Crow and Illustrated by Stephanie Green of Dauntless Daughters.


Rachael is an incredible woman; a teacher, healer, drum-maker, and a facilitator of many workshops and women’s circles. To my joy, she has taken so many of her teachings online, so they can reach many more women who are looking for a genuine and empowering guide.

Her experience and compassion pour through the simple yet honest words and matched with the beautiful imagery created by Stephanie make this an essential book for every family. So often the menstrual cycle is a quietly avoided subject but imagine if we chose to open the dialogue early with all our children, not just the girls. This book helps by providing the language to reframe the cycle as a positive, natural, and welcome aspect of life.

What makes this book unique to those which focus on biology, is the introduction to the idea of a woman as a cyclical being. One who ebbs and flows with the moon. There is a gentle acknowledgment of the change to a mum’s energy levels, with ideas for what activities mother & child can share to support those feelings. Our children already know that some days we are slower, softer, and want to cuddle up and read, while other days are perfect for running and playing alongside them at the park. This book hints at the why and the reassurance that in a cycle everything will pass and come round again.

By teaching our children that we need self-care and understanding from those around us, we are teaching them to listen and respond to their own body’s needs, because they are valid and important. And that even the smallest of us has the ability to help and care for others with the simplest of gestures.

As Rachael says, ‘It’s time for a new story about periods!’

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